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Excellence in Flight: By the Numbers*

Successful Graduates

In the last decade, 252 aviators have ascended to professional heights, a testament to our rigorous training and commitment.


Pass Rate

Our Instructor Rating programmes shine with a commendable 96% pass rate, reflecting our dedication to superior training standards.

Active Members

With a dynamic network of 700 active members, we stand proud as New Zealand’s most vibrant professional flying community.

Our Student’s stories: 

Jol Joynes

Pilot-in-Command for Life Flight

Richard Bateman

Second Officer for Air New Zealand

Jamie Davis

First Officer for Central Mountain Air, Calgary

Colin Mead

First Officer on the Boeing 767ERF for Tasman Cargo Airlines (DHL)

Tim Marshall

General Aviation Flight Examiner and ‘A’ Category Instructor

John Gemmell

Captain on the Boeing 777 for Air New Zealand

Stefan Roberts

Coming soon…

* Figures include those graduating through our parent company, NSAC.