Auckland International
Pilot Academy

Since 1963

Auckland International Pilot Academy (AIPA) is deeply rooted in a legacy that spans over six decades. Our parent company, North Shore Aero Club (NSAC), has been nurturing pilots since 1963, and it’s where our story began. Beyond our impressive pedigree, NSAC proudly owns and operates the historic North Shore Airport, a bastion of aviation that first buzzed with aircraft as early as the late 1950s.

The years have seen us evolve, expanding our fleet, welcoming more aspiring pilots, and broadening our vision. Our growth is not just in numbers, but in dreams, experiences, and the ever-expanding horizons we aim to explore.

Joining AIPA means becoming an integral member of the NSAC family, where the spirit of camaraderie runs deep. Our vibrant community thrives on events, trips, competitions, and outings, perfect for those who value fun as a vital part of their learning journey.

We hold ourselves to the highest educational standards, ensuring both our staff’s continuous professional growth and the meticulous upkeep of our facilities and aircraft. With an eye always on the future, we stay abreast of the latest in aviation technology.

Some facts about the Academy

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Our Team

John Punshon

John Punshon


Daryl Gillett

Daryl Gillett

CFI / Head of Training

Tania Rameka

Tania Rameka

Finance Administrator

Anton Ramenskiy

Anton Ramenskiy

Marketing Manager

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan

Deputy CFI / Student Liason Officer


We have the best Instructor Team in the world. They are professional, high-experienced pilots who have all the necessary knowledge and practice to keep our training at the highest level.

The Airport

Located just 20 minutes north of Auckland CBD, Auckland International Pilot Academy proudly operates from North Shore Airport on Auckland’s scenic North Shore. Recognized as one of the country’s busiest hubs, North Shore Airport is a bustling nexus of both general aviation and commercial air traffic.

Its strategic location is unparalleled. To the north, vast expanses of uncontrolled airspace beckon, while to the south, the intricately controlled airspace of Whenuapai and Auckland offers a more challenging flight environment. Nestled in the southeastern corner of the North Shore General Aviation Area, the airport’s position ensures zero transit time between exiting the circuit and diving into your lesson—a distinctive advantage not found at many other airfields.

For those embarking on Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) training, North Shore boasts its own RNAV GNSS (GPS) instrument approaches. Moreover, our proximity, a mere 8 miles from Whenuapai, grants us access to their VOR and ILS approaches. And for a change of scenery, destinations like Whangarei, Great Barrier, Auckland, Ardmore, and Hamilton are just a short flight away.

Our ground school facilities are modern, well equipped and ideally setup for efficient training.
The facilities include:

3 lecture rooms equipped with the latest technology and training aids

Pre-flight briefing rooms offering privacy and access to all our premium resources

A large pre-flight planning and dispatch area fully catering to all your pre-flight needs

Beechcraft Duchess (BE76) and Beechcraft King Air (B200) simulators

Additionally, our facility encompasses a large, open reception area, meeting rooms and offices. On the upper floor, students are welcomed into an expansive lounge and study area, complemented by a kitchen and inviting deck.